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Onur Labels;

About Us

Onur Label has become a pioneer in clothing brands due to its skills and experience. It takes these basics and makes it our typical model in our industry, where accuracy, timing, and price are critical. Our company’s next goal is to improve service quality and customer loyalty.

Onur Label manufactures woven labels, print labels, carton labels, and has built the necessary infrastructure for the development of plastic injection through the requests and offerings from customers outside self-adhesive labels and micro-labels, and has 20 years of industry experience in this sector.

Today, Onur label’s current consumer portfolio comprises garment factories whose names are synonymous with consistency and development for the world’s most prestigious labels.

It has also been a symbol of pride for our country in this respect, having exported to twenty-seven countries across four continents, with consumers obtained through international fairs and businesses.

Our Mission

With its inventive framework that has introduced something new, the Onur label is a model scheme. The presence of the Onur label intends to introduce its emerging services and goods to a broad audience without sacrificing its versatile “quality, efficiency, and work ethic.”

Any member of the business to which it refers, who is mindful of the “trail” in the nation’s economy, understands that its operation is not just an economic practice, but also an opportunity to live the pride and consciousness of serving our country in the global arena.

Our Vision

The mission of Onur label is to become an organization with a footprint in the global market, offering services and goods that are continually adapting to society by generating new demands.

So according to Onur Label, progress is described as “consistent and structured work done without sacrificing its values.” Human resources and collective wisdom are the most valuable assets of Onur Label.

Onur Label workers have integrated the consistency standards of international standards and can apply these criteria based on these principles. The principles that comprise the principle of the Onur mark are not sacrificing quality standards, struggle, dependability, integrity, and work ethic.

Exportation Activities

Intending to grow efficiency and manufacturing capacity by opening up to global companies, Onur Label achieves a difficult stage by selling to twenty-seven countries in four regions today, with consumers obtained as a result of international relations and organizations in which it is involved.

We export to the Republic of South Africa, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Romania, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, and Iran. Our next major target is to maximize our export capacity, both in terms of the number of nations and the number of exports produced.

In that sense, we are pleased to announce that one of our most significant moves will be the establishment of a connection office in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

Our References

Certificates and Documents

ISO 9001 Belgesi - Onur Etiket

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Sedex Belgesi - Onur Etiket

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 - Onur Etiket


Global Recycle Standard - Onur Etiket