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Carton Label Privilege in Brand Promotion

Brands use carton label to increase their popularity because carton labels play a significant role in making your company prestigious. Labelling marking is a good option for making product promotion. Thanks to the cardboard label models made with various production techniques, it is possible to reach many audiences and stay in the masses’ minds. Thanks to a good design team, tag advertising with catchy visuals and designs is an effective way for marketing. It is an undeniable fact that companies have become more known in the commercial field. The cardboard label preferred by many sectors is seen as the complementary accessories of the products.

Carton Label Privilege in Brand Promotion - Cardboard Label Models - Onur Labels

The carton label is a label model that has used in many ways in many industries. This labelling pattern can be personal business card sizes in terms of dimensions or any size you want. Usually, its weight is 350 gr.

The cardboard label’s dimensions have produced as you wish, and the cardboard label, which we can see in many companies, is used in a wide range. Cardboard label models have a more aesthetic appearance when kraft threads have used.

The cardboard label material, which includes product information and many other features about the product, is paper. Cardboard labels, which allow you to promote the brand in the best way, have various variety.

Moreover, cardboard labels are perfect for the labelling packaging process. Barcode labels, label printers, inkjet printers are marking packaging materials and marking systems. The pallet labellers that print and apply tags to pallets on two or more sides is another solution.

These label printers make labels printed as requested. Recently, 3D cardboard labels have become a trend. There are legitimate arguments for enterprises to incorporate multiple innovations in a single building. Find out how to make the best of the labeling systems.

Trendy, Kraft Carton Label

  1. Kraft cardboard labels require for specific purposes.
  2. It has no sticker feature; it does not have permanent adhesive. Adhesive labels have a sticker feature.
  3. It can produce in the desired size, size and content specifically for companies.
  4. It is often using in gifts. An example of this is invitation organisations.
  5. Kraft cardboard labels made of cardboard are more durable than paper, as they have made of cardboard.
  6. Paperweights brought to desiring level.
  7. Different techniques have developed for the visual aesthetics of the label. Darker colours may be preferred to get away from the straw appearance—for instance, brown kraft paper labels. Brown colouring is the most used.
  8. High-quality, kraft cardboard labels can be made one-sided or two-sided.
  9. The kraft label can be made with a punch by threading a string through the hole.

How About Carton Label Manufacturing?

Cardboard label manufacturing is making through services such as produce custom labels or contract printing for design and printing services.

Along with technological developments, specific infrastructures are continually developing. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a professional company when selecting label dispensers. In this context, Onur Labels sets a perfect example for you.

Thanks to the expert graphic design team, it is possible to reach the desired design products and in the desired way. Graphic design is essential in your work. Thanks to the excellent design, the appeal of the design seen on the label and the brand’s memorability is high. That’s why our design team is continuously working to help you.

Cardboard labels have some complementary accessories. Some of these accessories come to mind when it comes to manufacturing cardboard labels. Label manufacturers use satin ribbons and printed weaving ribbons. It can be used together if desired.

How are Cardboard Label Prices?

Large masses prefer cardboard label prices because they are economical. If you want to crown your product with quality cardboard labels and produce economically suitable cardboard labels, you are definitely in the right place.

Onur Labels works with multiple opportunities to produce the label you want in the best way and works with its professional team to provide you with the best service by your requests and your pocket. Entrust your products to the best hands, both economically and in terms of quality.

Which Are The Best Cardboard Label Models?

Cardboard label types are diversified in terms of paper types. The cardboard label is referred to as a paper label in some sources. The cardboard label preferred by many sectors is classified as a coated label, thermal label, laminated thermal label, thermal cardboard label, eco thermal label, metallized glossy label, ball thermal label, swing label, cardboard label, closure label, vellum label, etc. Some cardboard label models are;

Coated Labels:

  • Shiny and smooth on top
  • Thermal transfer method
  • Can be considered resistant to external factors such as heat and friction

Eco Thermal Labels:

  • Its shelf life is short.
  • There is no protective layer on its surface.
  • It is not suitable for humid and hot environments.
  • It is not resistant to substances such as alcohol and heat.
  • It is low in cost. It is ideal for labels with low usage time.

Fluorescent Label:

  • It is paper-based.
  • It is not resistant to water and moisture.
  • It has a tearing feature.
  • They can be produced in different colour varieties.
  • It is more costly than coated labels.
  • Cardboard labels are printed with wax ribbons.

When choosing labels, it is so significant that you choose your product material as environmental friendly.

Onur Labels manufactures all the labels you need in the textile industry. For all other textile labels, you can contact and request detailed information and samples. You can see our new model tags by following us on social media. Instagram: @onuretiketcomtr