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Security Labels That Will Make a Good Impact on Your Brand

There are several types of security label. This mark is often referring as a void label or an RFID sticker. As a warranty sticker, a protection mark is for the products. The protection mark, which combines the warranty label and a rfid tag, is an important consideration.

Among our protection label forms, the void is another that comes to mind and its use area is huge. A void tag is a security tag that is often used on electronic items. This sticker, which we often see on computers, is critical. Especially for determining whether the product is open.

The security label pledges to ensure the integrity of the goods. There are various kinds of protection stickers. These labels have void labels and a rfid system.

Moreover, rfid is indeed a radio waves identification device that identifies items. This device comprises a label and a rfid reader. It should access control and access data, store, and transmit product data. We’d like to tell you about protection marks, especially the rfid technology, in this post.

Security Label, Rfid Tag For Product Safety - Onur Labels

Rfid Tags For Your Safety And Ease 

Inside the rfid tag scheme, engineers use radio signals through rfid tags. Item identification available manually and automatically. Thanks to radiofrequency.

Rfid is most often found in access management. The high frequency hf tag’s standard working frequency is 13.56MHz. It is also a latent tag, like the low-recurrence tag.

Furthermore, they classify RFID tags according to their frequency domains. It includes low-frequency tags, high-frequency tags, ultra-high-frequency tags, and microwave tags. RFID asset tracking is a method of optimizing the control and placement of physical objects.

The tag is the first of these elements, and the reader is the second. The rfid tag has a reader automated information mechanism. The rfid system responds to radio frequency requests.

Also establishes a response mechanism. Moreover, sends information and product messages to the users.

Throughout the active variant, they design a device to operate its integrated circuit and emit signals at specific speeds. They also have their control systems. As a result, it has more functions.

They equipped radio frequency identification rfid with a chip and an antenna. They classified RFID tags into three types: inactive, active, and hybrid. There are three types of rfid tags; passive rfid tag, semi passive tags, and active rfid tags. Passive RFID tags do not have their power source and therefore depend on reader power to function.

They classified rfid tags according to frequency domains, which include low-frequency labels, high-frequency tags, ultra-high frequency uhf tags, and microwave labels. Rfid asset monitoring is a method of automating the management and placement of physical objects.

Low-frequency protection labels usually operate between 125 and 134.2 kHz. Furthermore, low-frequency tags are, mostly, the above inactive protection stickers. Energy-efficient, with strong penetrating potential and no external interference. As a result, it is suitable for applications with a short distance, few tag results.

Why Is The One Of Best Security Label, Rfid Tag Beneficial For Brands?

Rfid tag prevents potential theft. It transmits data, so that means it prevents labor shortages. It reduces shipping errors. Provides management of the supply chain, it would not have any trouble interpreting items as long as it is within read range. 

The high frequency hf tag’s standard working frequency is 13.56MHz. It is also a latent tag, like the reduced tag. HF protection labels have a read-compose gap of less than one meter. The rfid tag does not require a direct line of sight.

The RFID system responds to radio frequency requests. Then establishes a response mechanism, transmits data and product information to the reader. RFID tags also come in a variety of type form factors, such as wristbands, patches, magnetic sticker tags. Including all-weather, cro compliant, autoclave durable, and so on.

Low-frequency rfid tags are energy saving and have energy transmitted, efficient penetrating intellect, minimal external intervention, passive information transfer rate, reduced versatility. It is difficult to identify because we can read only one to one electronic mark in a short period. It is only suitable for low-speed and near-limit recognition applications.

High-frequency rfid tags have a read-write distance of much less than one meter. They used these in its application, traceability for anti-counterfeiting purposes, classification by electronic means, tickets issued electronically, RFID tags on campus, identity badges for entrance management arrangements, bank stubs, credit cards, passport with Intelligence, etc.

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Onur Label strives for quality improvement by putting consumer loyalty first. Moreover, thanks to the strategies it is developing through continuous self-renewal and technical advancements. It has also been a leading company for security seals and rfid tags, as it has grown.

As a result, it strives to provide you with the best experience possible continuously, using the strategies it discovers. Onur Labels produces all the labels used in the textile industry. You can contact us for more details and samples on all other textile labels, including security labels. Go to our Instagram account.

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