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Woven Labels - Onur Labels

Woven Label Privilege On All Industries

Woven labels are the most eco-friendly labels in the fashion industry. Various brands prefer woven labels. Personalization designs are common with woven labels.

For goods production, businesses choose woven labels for the highest quality. Brands also used woven stickers in the garment, furniture, and other material item industries.

Products are well ahead of the trendy fold label world until they choose a cotton label for their clothing. Onur Label produces the damask woven by using fibers woven into the back of the garment.

Woven stickers and labels are one of the best options for the brand promotion. A woven mark is the ideal way to elevate the clothing or product. The single stitches appear more robust.

Carton Label - Onur Labels

Carton Label, The Best Trendy Label

Brands use carton labels to boost their exposure, and labels play an important part in making the business prestigious. Labeling is an excellent method for promoting a commodity. You are on the right track to find paper labels, custom labels, woven clothing labels, custom woven labels, product labels, fabric labels.

The carton label is a label form that is used in a variety of industries. In terms of proportions, this labeling pattern can personalize business card size labels, whatever size brands choose. To do this, you can upload your own artwork and we will do the finishing touch for you.

For the best label design, you can choose our printing services like sticker printing.



Printing Labels - Onur Labels

Printing Labels Allows You To High-Quality Marketing

Printing labels can process printing techniques on a ribbon. We can also use these printing processes in colorful ribbons and tapes. A fabric printing logo is an excellent way to promote personal labels. For your brand, we recommend you use the fabric and cloth label service.

Silk screen printing labels use wood, paper, glass, and ceramics digitally in a wide range. In label creation, as with all of our services, we strive for complete customer loyalty. So, with the help of our staff, you can customize the shapes and sizes of the printing sticker.

Garment labels come in a variety of cut types; cut printing labels is a practical term since, for example, a straight cut is a trendy piece that a loop folds. On our working days and all the others, we are ready to help you with the garment trade ideas via our labels.